First hand support for musl-libc


To build lldb 3.8 on Alpine Linux, this tiny patch is required:

Can anyone here please upstream it? Note that it doesn’t break Android build as in case of both bionic and musl, GLIBC macro is undefined.


thanks for the patch. I took the opportunity to clean up the code
there, so I have committed a somewhat modified version, but I believe
you should get the result you were trying to achieve. Let me know how
it works.


Thanks Pavel! I see the changes made in master branch.

By any change can these be back-ported to release38 and 39 branches? Since llvm38 is the one aports is offering.


I think the 3.8 ship has sailed, but there still may be a chance to
get it into 3.9.

Hans, what do you make of that? (The relevant changes are r277997,
r277999, r278000, r278001)

Presumably the right approver would be Oleksiy (also in cc).


The patches seem fine to me. The one thing I'm worried about is
whether anyone is testing this stuff on the branch?


I do run a basic set of tests (compile+run test suite) on linux from
time to time, but unfortunately I don't have time to be more active in
this. I have just completed the test on the release branch with these
changes cherry-picked and it seems to working fine. But I certainly
agree that the release branch could use more testing.

Actually, upon closer examination, we should be able to drop one
commit from the list - r278000 - it was just a followup cleanup to the
previous two, and the fourth commit I mentioned still applies cleanly
without it.


I've merged r277997, r277999 and r278001 to 3.9 in r278540.