Flag and Glue

My understand is that in DAG terminology, Flag is now called Glue.

It would be nice for someone to go through and clean up the code as far as comments and variable names.

That was driving me close to the brink of insanity till I found out about this.

Even in Selection Dag Node Properties

def SDNPOutGlue : SDNodeProperty; // Write a flag result
def SDNPInGlue : SDNodeProperty; // Read a flag operand
def SDNPOptInGlue : SDNodeProperty; // Optionally read a flag operand

A similar casualty is that we have a bunch of nonsensically named variables const DataLayout *TD as residue from the TargetData → DataLayout transition :expressionless:

– Sean Silva

Patches that fix these sorts of issues are pre-approved. Go for it :slight_smile:


Unfortunately my slow machine and school+other commitments has reduced my
involvement this semester to mostly writing documentation and email :frowning:
Those two can be done in a much more piecemeal manner compared to C++
development (which is what I would really rather be doing, but requires
much longer contiguous stretches of concentration/build time).

When I can get around to C++, working on TableGen has a much higher
effort/payoff ratio anyway.

-- Sean Silva

Good catch! I kicked off with 179601 fixing it in the DataLayout class



-- Sean Silva