Flaky LLD failures on ppc64le-lld-multistage-test

I’m seeing LLD tests failing on this bot on builds where the blamelist only contains commits that seem entirely unrelated to LLD, so they might be flaky failures. Some recent examples:




Sorry for my late reply. I didn’t notice the clang-cmake-armv8-lld build bot was failing. ruiu told me ppc64le-lld-multistage-test was also failing (for some reason I haven’t received any notification from it recently).

Just committed r363236 as a workaround. I’ll keep and eye and revert if necessary if this is still failing.

ARM and PPC64 have some absolute relocation types that beyond my knowledge.

lld’s rule to change initial absolute relocation types to dynamic R_*_RELATIVE is different from ld.bfd. I’m still doing experiments recently to figure out what we can improve/simplify.