-fno-rtti compilation option

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you guys with this question coming from a young beginner, but even after some hours of research, I could not find any way to solve my issue…

I have a project using LLVM APIs (3.7.0), so I compile it with options suggested by ‘llvm-config –cxxflags’, including -fno-rtti. Without this latter option, the build fails (“no reference to typeinfo…”).

However, I also test my code thanks to CppUnit, which does not allow this compilation option (since it uses some functions such as ‘typeid’).

This sounds annoying… Has anyone already encountered such an issue? How did you manage with that?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Yours, sincerely,


I found this issue, but it was too late to get a fix in to 3.7. The issue is that a number of classes in public headers don’t have an anchor method and so get emitted in every compilation unit, and their vtable refers to the type_info in the superclass (if that compilation unit has RTTI enabled), which doesn’t exist.

The work-around that we use is to build LLVM with RTTI enabled.


Hi David,

Thanks a lot for your answer, I got it!

I'll try this workaround asap.

Have a great day,


Adrien Dégrange
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