-fobjc-no-arc-runtime question

I was playing with ARC, trying to get an existing Cocoa project to compile with -fobjc-arc and -fobjc-no-arc-runtime. My (very very loose) understanding of -fobjc-no-arc-runtime is that it banned __weak, but would then produce object files that worked without any new runtime support or new libraries. Is that incorrect? My project failed to link because of missing ARC functions; adding -fobjc-arc and -fobjc-no-arc-runtime to the linker flags tried to pull in libarclite_macosx.a (which I don't have). Do you still need an ARC support library for -fobjc-no-arc-runtime, but it's linked statically?

Just curious,

Yes. I'm afraid the Apple implementation of that is not open-source at this time.

Making one that simply makes all the necessary message-sends (as now described in the doc) would be pretty straightforward.