force c++ mode

I'm trying to play with the new python bindings, but so far I'm having
problems trying to force C++ mode, this is what I'm doing:

def parse_headers(headers, classes, args):
  print("will parse: " + str(headers) + " " + str(args))
  index = cindex.Index.create()
  tu = index.parse(headers, args)
  deep_iterate(tu.cursor, classes, 0, True)

args is something like this:

['-I../../cocos2dx/include', '-x', 'c++', '../../cocos2dx/include/CCNode.h']

basically, "-x c++" and the header file is the last arguments, as
suggested in a previous thread in this mailing list[1] but it still
not working... only changing the extension to ".hpp" actualy parses
the file as C++... What would be the way to force C++ mode without
actually renaming all my files to .hpp?

Thanks for any hint.