Formatting lambdas as function parameters with clang-format 14

I’m used to formatting lambdas that are passed to functions, or constructors, like this sort of thing:

ClassName objectName([&] (int value)

Based on the settings I have:
→ brace wrapping BeforeLambda = true
→ AllowShortLambdasOnASingleLine = None
→ LambdaBodyIndentation = Signature

I’m seeing it converted to:

ClassName objectName(
    [&] (int value)

Now, as we all know, formatting style is pretty subjective but, in my subjective opinion, one thing I really hate is dangling open parentheses (and braces, for that matter). If I were to change Signature to OuterScope it would be even more horrible (IMO, of course!).

So, I was wondering if anyone could think of, or knew of, a combination of settings in clang-format 14 that I could configure to get me the style of the first example.

Any help would be very much appreciated.