Formatting of help text

I was fixing a bug in the help text for “type summary add” and noticed that it was hard-line wrapped rather than wrapping with the terminal size. It is line wrapping at about 120 columns though rather than 80.

I’d rather just submit a fix for the whole text at once, so should it be hard line wrapped? If so, should it wrap at 80 or some more common value?

I suspect it would look best if it didn’t have newlines inserted, except for paragraph breaks.

This is somewhere where having a pretty-print interface (like PPML from the 1980 TOPLAS paper by Derek C. Oppen) is useful.

Any thoughts or comments?

  • Bruce

I would really like to see a good patch submitted that fixes these kinds of text issues. It would be great if things adjusted to the current terminal size and "did the right thing" in all cases.

Feel free to try things out and let us know what you come up with. We can easily tweak any min/max column cutoff, or add "settings set" settings that can allow this to be user defined with some sane defaults.