fortran compiler merge?

Is there any updated information on the plans regarding merging the new fortran compiler support into the existing svn llvm tree? Is that going to happen in the llvm 6.0 time frame or is that being pushed off until llvm 7.0?

Hi, Jack,

We’ll need to have a community discussion about how to approach this issue. That hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks again,

I've checked an older clang driver diff. There are low-hanging fruits
that could be committed immediately like the addition of option help
texts. There are parts that clearly need to be redone like the include
path handling which seems to duplicate existing multilib logic in the
Linux driver. My biggest problem is that the interface between the
clang driver and the actual flang binaries, which seems to be heavily
based on magic numbers. That's not something I find acceptable from the
LLVM perspective.