fortran OpenMP hangs in the last subroutine

Hi, hi campbel…, hi other readers,
I think I have found the reason of the bad/erratic behaviour of my program.
I already wrote that the program began to hang in its last subprogram, called rnflow, although 90 % or 95 % of the work had already been done by the tenth of previous other subroutines.
This subroutine is just a rainflow counter, which needs be initialized, and here is the problem because I used DATA statements, that are said to put the variables which they act upon into the SHARED set of variables; there, they become sunject to race condition between the various processors.
I read that yesterday; I mas still reading lots of things about good practises of fortran coding, and things about “valgrind --tool=helgrind” that I might have inteded to use, and I falled on a paper by The Journal of Supercomputing in The Netherlands, saying that “Saved local variables are always shared and non-saved local variables are always threadprivate. It is all too easy to inadvertently create a saved variable. For example, in Fortran 90/95 initializing a local variable, e.g., INTEGER :: I=0, creates a saved variable. A DATA statement has a similar effect in both Fortran 77 and Fortran 90/95. In OpenMP such variables are always shared, but often the programmer’s intent was to initialize a threadprivate variable (which is not possible with local variables in version 1.1).”
So tomorrow at work, I will have to go in the depht of this rnflow subroutine, and simply change a “data a/1/” to “a=1”, and then the count will be exactly the same, except that the program should go to its end without data race nor hanging.
I hope that it’s the last time that you have to read me,