FOSDEM'22 LLVM devroom tomorrow (5th Feb, 1.00 pm Central European Time, UTC+1)

The LLVM devroom at FOSDEM’22 as announced before happens tomorrow (5th Feb, Saturday) at 1.00 pm CET (UTC+1). The event is virtual, with pre-recorded talks and a live Q&A. There are seven talks this time covering the areas of implementing extensions to C using Clang, LLVM security, a libC++ use case, extensions for LLVM debug, DSLs using LLVM and ANTLR, 8-bit character support in LLVM and testing code coverage. Detailed information about the talks, speaker and the links to watch the presentation and Q&A are available on the schedule page.

You may use the link:FOSDEM devroom to attend the LLVM devroom. Alternatively, there are links at the top right of the schedule page of the devroom.

Everyone is invited to attend the presentations, participate in the Q&A.

Thanks in advance.

CC: @kbeyls