[FPEnv] Making an llc test multiplatform?

I’m working on test/CodeGen/X86/vector-constrained-fp-intrinsics.fp and testing it on other hosts.

We have an intern who found that this x86_64 llc test works fine[*] on powerpc64le but fails in a couple of ways on every other host he’s tried it. It’s a basic test of the constrained FP work, so it makes sense to me that we would be trying it on several hosts. Yet right now it lives in the X86 directory.

Would it make sense to move this test to a directory common to other architectures? Like the test/CodeGen/Generic directory perhaps?

[*] footnote: We haven’t checked the generated instructions to verify they are correct. But at least we get complete assembler source as output.

I think it does make sense to have a version of this test in the Generic directory, but we will still need target-specific versions of the test. In the generic directory, we can only verify that we are able to test that the IR can successfully get through CodeGen. We need target-specific versions of the tests to make sure that the correct instructions are being generated.