[FPEnv] Rust/Go/Swift/Flang/other llvm IRBuilder needs?

I’ve got a ticket open where I would very much like some input from maintainers of other languages that rely on llvm and use the IRBuilder. See:

Teach the IRBuilder about constrained fadd and friends:

I’m adding support to functions like CreateFAdd() the ability to optionally emit the constrained math intrinsics required to support strict floating point mode. This makes the changes in clang relatively easy, but the concern is that there may be concerns that haven’t been raised in the diff. And I’d like to tailor the interface so that it meets the needs of IRBuilder users, but ideally that wants input from actual IRBuilder users.

So, can I get some input from other front end authors and maintainers?

Apologies for the cross posting, but I don’t know how to more precisely get the attention of the relevant people.

For us, constrained fadd and friends aren’t particular relevant. We don’t need to model changes to the floating point environment, and chose to use explicit control flow for fault handling (e.g. div-by-zero). We might someday explore using constrained operations for performance reasons, but up until now, haven’t really had the need to. So, no opinion, sorry.Â


Hi Kevin,
Same situation for our Go compiler (gollvm). We also use explicit checks for division by zero, and I can’t envision a need to have more fine-grained control over rounding/exception-mode for fadd etc.
Cheers, Than