From LLVM Bytecode to C source

I wonder to know if there is any chance to convert back emitted LLVM bytecode into a C source file using clang (or any other existing tool)
S. Pellegrini

LLVM itself can compile to C code. But you probably won't get back
something that really resembles the original code.


clang definitely isn't going to help you here. One thing you can do
is use the LLVM C backend, which can be invoked using "llc -march=c";
the result isn't pretty, but if the original code is C code, the
output is usually accurate enough that the result can be compiled and
run with gcc.


You would essentially need a decompiler. Here's a good reference that
describes what would be involved:

Krakatoa: Decompilation in Java
by Todd A. Proebsting, Scott A. Watterson

- Mark