Frontend class for handling common clang options and compiler flags

Hey All,

I’m trying to make a tool that needs to work an awful lot like the Clang compiler itself. Things like -std=c++11 and -DMY_DEFINE=1 need to be able to be parsed and handled. For cross-platform, I also need it to approximate VS switches, which I believe Clang supports to some level (based on documentation). Originally I was doing this all manually by constructing a compiler instance, and configuring all the settings, but I thought it’d make a whole lot of sense if there were already some boilerplate for this some place.

At first I was cautious because from the code it didn’t quite seem like CommonOptionsParser and ClangTool were what I wanted, but I decided to try it anyway. Unfortunately, after getting a sample application up-and-running, the command-line did not handle such switches as I feared.

Is there any kind of helper class that handles all of these options? Or should I just revert to a prior commit and attempt to continue from where I left off?


  • Trent Reed