Hi all,

we see more and more demand to support restrict keyword.
is there a plan to support it?
I saw this thread and patch but it seems to be abandon 3y ago.


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Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. The work on getting the patches into main llvm is not stalled, but sometimes slow.

I still need to post my notes from the round table at euro llvm. Short summary:

  • attendees agree we need to go forward with the patches
  • current plan:
    ā€“ current ptr_provenance patches have been reviewed and will be applied after the next branch (around end of July) [0]
    ā€“ rebasing is ongoing (actually done now, update of the single full restrict patch will happen this week) [1]
    ā€“ a number of outstanding issues are known. Fixes for these will come (after the rebase update)

Some more tracking of the progress happens on the LLVM AA Tech Calls (there is one today [2]).

Any help with reviewing and testing is welcome,


Jeroen Dobbelaere

[0] āš™ D111159 [UnknownProvenance] Introduce UnknownProvenance constant
[1] https://reviews.llvm.org/D69542
[2] [RFC] Shift LLVM AA TechCall sessions by -1 (or +3) weeks - #8 by dobbelaj

Sounds good, it would be great if you could update the thread here once it is available.

Is there a list of issues/outstanding ? Once the patches are rebased Iā€™d be happy to help out