Full-time job ad: Dynamic Analysis Engineer @ Apple

Hello llvm-dev and cfe-dev!

The Program Analysis team at Apple is looking for candidates to work on dynamic tools for detecting bugs and security vulnerabilities.

This position offers an opportunity to build tools that will be used by the vast number of developers writing code for Apple platforms. We contribute to LLVM projects such as Thread Sanitizer, Address Sanitizer, libFuzzer as well as the Swift open source project. Ideal candidates will have skills in multiple areas listed below, but expertise in all of them is not required:

  • A passion for building innovative and intuitive tools for finding bugs, improving code quality, enhancing debugging experience
  • Strong C++ coding
  • Systems programming
  • Experience with runtime analysis tools (like Valgrind and LLVM sanitizers) and coverage-guided fuzzing tools (like AFL or libFuzzer)
  • Knowledge of linkers, loaders, and related low-level tools
  • Familiarity with iOS or macOS app development

The position is based onsite at Apple's campus in Cupertino, California. International candidates are welcome to apply but will need to relocate; the company will sponsor a visa. If you are interested, please submit your resume (Text or PDF) and cover letter to: program-analysis-job-apply at group dot apple dot com

Thank you,