Function::viewCFG() undefined reference

Hello all,

I am getting an undefined reference to Function::viewCFG()
I have a function list iterator F and I am trying to get the CFG through
other function calls through the F pointer are working.

- I have included the libraries: pthread, ffi, dl, m, LLVMAsmParse, LLVMCore, LLVMSupport, LLVMSystem.
- I have dot and gv in my path, and I have reconfigured and rebuilt LLVM after using:
        .$/configure --srcdir=/home/zaid/llvm/llvm/ --disable-optimized --enable-debug-runtime

which ended with
llvm[0]: ***** Completed Debug Build
llvm[0]: ***** Note: Debug build can be 10 times slower than an
llvm[0]: ***** optimized build. Use make ENABLE_OPTIMIZED=1 to
llvm[0]: ***** make an optimized build. Alternatively you can
llvm[0]: ***** configure with --enable-optimized.
[1]+ Done nedit configure

restarted and tried again and it still doesn't work, same problem.
Any ideas ?

Thanks !