-fvisibility=hidden, and typeinfo, and type-erasure


I can't tell whether this is a bug or not: I have found no relevant documentation that could help me decide whether this behavior is meant, or not. All I can say is that the current behavior is not the one I would expect, but maybe you guys have a different opinion, which I'd be happy to hear about. To my eyes it looks like a violation of the One Definition Rule, but since ELF visibility issues are not covered by the standard, this is wishful thinking :slight_smile:

I'm reproducing here basically what I had written there:

     c++ - Using clang++, -fvisibility=hidden, and typeinfo, and type-erasure - Stack Overflow


Where can I ask my question about interactions between visibility and RTTI? There is something fishy there, and I'd like to have an educated answer for people who design the RTTI support in clang/llvm.