FW: LLDB Incremental - Build # 34308 - Failure!

Hi forks,

I received below failure after I submitted D105263. I’m confused about the report since it tells no failure in the summary but did turn from green to red.

I skimmed the 3 log files and found they are pointing to the same lit fail[1]. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce it locally due to it requires a Darwin system.

Do you know if there’s a way to reproduce it on a Linux system? Or anyone who can help with this issue? I know nothing about llgdb and what it is testing here.

Any comments are appreciated.


Failed Tests (1):

cross-project-tests :: debuginfo-tests/llgdb-tests/foreach.m


Thanks Florian. The next build is passed and the bot turns green again. So maybe this is a flaky fail?

The real LLDB testsuite dramatically increases all timeouts in LLDB to account for running on bots under heavy system load. The debuginfo-tests may not be doing this, which could explain why they sometimes fail for no apparent good reason.

-- adrian