FW: [LLVMdev] basic block tracing


Were you talking about tracing in the sense of "profiling" (which Anand
did), or tracing of values as they are computed for debugging generated
code (which I did)?

For tracing of values for debugging, the answer is yes: we insert code
in each BB and print out the values computed in that BB that are live at
the end of the BB (so we don't print out temporaries computed and used
within the BB), and we also print out values that are loaded or stored
from/to memory. You need to link the generated code with
/localhome/vadve/llvm/runtime/libtrace/Bytecode/tracelib.bc or
/localhome/vadve/llvm/runtime/libtrace/Debug/libtrace.o. Try:
  % cd test/Programs/SingleSource/Shootout/
  % gmake -n TRACE=yes Output/sieve.diff-llc
as an example to see how to run the tracing pass and link the generated