FW: Qs about install on mingw32 (Was [llvm-announce] LLVM 2.1 Release!)

OK, so I pulled down the two MinGW32 binaries.

I bzip2 -d the two into .tar files, then tar xvf them into my directory of
choice. (C:/Prg/llvm-2.1 in this case.)

When I run the compiler over hello.c, as per the Getting Started Guide,
compilation works for both native and LLVM BC.

When I run the native hello.exe, it works.

When I try to run lli hello.bc, I get an unsatisfied DLL link error: "This
application has failed to start because pthreadGC.dll was not found."
Hunting around I can't find this DLL anywhere; where should it have come

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