FYI: AST processing lib

Hi @clang,

I just want to give you an insight of the stuff I'm actually working on. Without this all my patches doesn't make too much sense.
Note that the lib is strictly work in progress and my main focus is the C language (that is no ObjC and no C++ yet).
Also I'm not sure if it works with gcc without any pain. Very certainly I forgot a typename somewhere.

The files RewriteInline.cpp & min-clang-AST.cpp can be bundled together with InitHeaderSearch.cpp, InitPreprocessor.cpp, TextDiagnosticPrinter.cpp and Warnings.cpp
to a little cmd-line-tool doing some inlining and loop splitting.

I hope someone finds the time to have a look on it. Of course I post it here to get some comments.

Olaf Krzikalla

astprocessinglib.patch (173 KB)