FYI: ELFObjectWriter/ELFObjectWriterImpl refactoring TBA (need for ARM/MC/ELF)

This is a heads up - if you aren't into ELF or ARM, you can stop reading :slight_smile:

I need to add ARM specific relocation support which require some
amount of reorg to the exiting ELFObjectWriter.* to remove x86 biases
(or at least move them elsewhere).
I am currently working on a set of patches, which I will send to
commits for review, hopefully in a day or three.


Thanks for the heads up, Jason. Looking forward to seeing the patches!


Hi Jason, Jim,

Thanks for sharing.

I want to see those patches too, as I need to know where to insert my
changes to enable relocations in static constructors and type
information (and later on in EH).