Garbage collection implementation

Jon Harrop wrote:
> The simplest way is surely to reuse HLVM because it provides everything you
> need and is even written in the right language! :wink:

Is there a web page with HLVM docs? There's a README.txt in the subversion repository:

which says:

    HLVM comes with documentation in HTML format. These are provided in the docs
    directory. Please visit to get an index of the
    documentation that is available.

but unfortunately that URL yields a 404.

While I could check the docs out of subversion myself (assuming they're actually there, which I haven't verified), putting the docs online for easy access would be much more conducive to attracting users and or developers to HLVM.


Two difference projects with same name. Try:

Hi Eric,

As Marc explained, my HLVM project is a new HLVM project and you have found an
older HLVM project by (IIRC) Reid Spencer.

I agree that the docs should be on-line somewhere and my docs are not. I'll
get them up on our company site ASAP and advertise them here.

Many thanks,