gathering complexity metrics with clang?

Browsing around the presentations for the most recent LLVM developer's
meeting there were a couple presentations about using clang to get
global views of the system:

Indexing Large, Mixed-Language Codebases

Frappe': Using Clang to Query and Visualize Large Codebases

Is there any effort taking place to use clang to generate metrics on
C++ source bases?

I'm playing with SonarQube's community C++ code analyzer right now and
geez, it's been running for 3 hours and isn't done and I don't
consider our code base to be "large".

SourceMonitor can generate metrics quickly and easily, but it is
Windows only.

I'm interested in size and complexity metrics (cyclomatic complexity,
statements per function, functions per file, methods per class, etc.).

Thanks in advance for any pointers.