GCC and LLVM collaboration: Cauldron's feedback


As most of you know, I held a BoF at the cauldron where we discussed
the interactions between LLVM and GCC, and the overall response was
very positive. Here are some of the highlights, complementing Alex's
great summary on the blog.

1. Driver

I understand this viewpoint, but I wonder what their attitude would be towards adding warnings for features-we'd-remove-were-it-not-for-legacy. (Hmm, that's a nice suggestion for a very long -W flag name to convince people to drop them rather than adding -Wno-... to their C{XX}FLAGS.)

Well, to be honest, GCC has been very good at adding new warnings to
the recent releases, and I think we should be fine with just the
warnings, even if independently added.

Deprecating them is a different matter, but still, developers are
getting more and more intolerant to warnings, or even using -Werror,
on many projects.

I'm not worried about that...