GCMetadataPrinter::finishAssembly called twice

Hello Philip,

it seems like r226311 [1] introduced a bug which causes finishAssembly() to be called multiple times, even if there is only one strategy. For each function, GCModuleInfo::getFunctionInfo() adds the strategy to the StrategyList instance variable. AsmPrinter::doFinalization() calls finishAssembly() for each strategy in this list.


[1] rG2b45395876c6

You're absolutely right. That's a bug. Odd that none of the unit tests caught that.

I'm actually going to end up reverting most of that change for a different reason. I've already got the change ready to commit and plan on doing it first thing in the morning. I'll try to make sure I fix this issue in that change as well.

Sorry for the breakage and thanks for the bug report.


This should be resolved in 227109.