Generating android native code coverage (using clang)

we were able to generate code coverage for native c++ code on GCC. it was
generating gcda files and gcov files.

But now our product is using clang 3.4 for compilation.
1. I am building this for 'arm' but NDK does not seems to have
2. When I copied it from llvm, it still lacking symbols like:
     error: undefined reference to 'llvm_gcda_summary_info'
    error: undefined reference to 'llvm_gcov_init'

I have updated flags as follows:

3. MAC/ios team is able to use same way for generating code coverage on
clang (libclang_rt.profile_osx.a.) but android toolchain does not have
similar lib, any specific reason?
4. I saw that lib "libclang_rt.profile-x86_64.a" (downloaded from llvm
binaries) has this symbol but not able to find similar lib for 'arm' arch.

Any help will be highly appreciated !