Generating EXE with LLVM


I created language with LLVM. JIT version is running fine. What is the
easiest way to generate EXE file without requiring user to have all
binary LLVM (and presumably other tools) programs installed? I'd like
to keep all required libraries in DLLs.


You can use the llvm-mc infrastructure to emit an object file from
your tool (see llc's source code for an example how it's used). To get
an .exe you have to run a linker on those object files though, but
LLVM doesn't have one at the moment. There are plans to add a linker,
but it's still far in the future.

You'll need ld.exe from mingw or link.exe from msvc and possibly
import libraries compatible with the linker, there is no way to keep
it all in DLLs.

- Ben