Get elements from a getelementptr constant expression


I have this instruction,

store i32 (…)** bitcast (i8** getelementptr inbounds ([5 x i8*], [5 x i8*]* @_ZTV9Rectangle, i32 0, i32 2) to i32 (…)), i32 (…)* %5, align 8

and was wondering how to access the indices of the getelementptr. How would i print out all pointers stored from index 0 to 5.




I apologize, I am new to the list-serve (joined on the 25th) and am not quite sure how it works.

I didn’t reply to Hans because the llvm/ clang distribution I have installed doesn’t allow me to use that command line option, I will respond in a bit. And I asked anther question simply because no one replied to my first question.

I have been using llvm for about a week, so I am not sure how to ask my question succinctly but I am trying, please bear with me.

In reply to your response, I will try that out tomorrow and hopefully be able to make some headway.

I have been searching previous emails and have found that some people have cast the getelementptr in the Instruction i posted in this original email thread to a constantexpr or GEPOperator and have been able to get information that way, but I can’t quite seem to figure it out.

Ex email thread:!topic/llvm-dev/_F-PFACaHbU

If anyone has tried this approach and could provide some more information going this route, I would appreciate that as well.