Get "full" type name from a Decl

Hello,I am using Clang to parse C++ header files and generate new code. I'm
trying to get the "Full" type name from a given Decl. For example:/namespace
A{ using namespace std; class Foo { vector m_StrVec;
};}/When I got the FieldDecl* of member m_StrVec, I tried:///Prints
/and///Prints "std::__1::vector, class std::__1::vector<int, class
std::__1::allocator&lt; ...
/The question is, I am generating code that's expected to be able to compile
with other compilers and stl implementations, so I would need a type name
like:/"std::vector"/which just include the namespace names from the using
directives. Any ideas? :)Cheers!