Get the SourceRange of explicit template instantiations

Hello all,

I have asked the same question at stackoverflow () but so far, there is no response.

I want to get the SourceRange of a whole explicit instantiation statement.
For example in this code snippet:

`1 //file my_func.cpp`
`2 void template<typename Bar> foo(Bar& bar) {`
`3 // some code`
`4 }`
`5 template void foo<double>(double&);`

I want to get the beginning and the end of the statement in line 5 as a clang::SourceLocation.

I have tried FunctionTemplateSpecializationInfo::getPointOfInstantiation which would give for the above example line 5 and column 15 (the begin of foo).

Is there a way to get the begin and the end of the whole statement?

Thanks and best regards,
Matthias Peschke