Get values from a given type


if one has a Value object, the Type of the Value can be retrieved with getType().
Is there a way back, get a list of all values that refer to a specific type (i.e. a struct etc.)?


The Value naturally has corresponding Type. But I don’t know existing interface for the other way around.

What would “all” values be here? All values in the Module? Function? BasicBlock? Program?

There is no builtin way to do this. You need to enumerate the values you care about and check their type.

Either way this sounds like a weird thing to do. What is it that you are actually intending?



I'm trying to build an explicit graph out of the LLVM structures and try to do
this in a bidirectional way.

All values means all values in the Module. Anyway, if there is no direct way,
I need to circumvent it someway. Thanks for your answers.