Getting build bots to track clang-tools-extra

Who would I talk to about getting the build bots to track commits to clang-tools-extra so we don't have to wait for commits to other tracked projects to get clang-tools-extra to rebuild?

+ Galina

I think you need to edit buildbot/osuosl/master/master.cfg in zorg.
You need to add the repository to change source list. Then you need
to add it to schedulers. Feel free to add clang-tools-extra
repository to clang_fast_scheduler.


Are you the one in charge of the buildbots? Could you modify the builders to track changes to clang-tools-extra?

What builders need to track clang-tools-extra commits? All clang builders?



Make sure to include clang_fast builders (they build
clang-tools-extra). There's also llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-ubuntu-13.04,
which is probably fast enough to be moved to clang_fast (and it builds
clang-tools-extra, too).


Any builder that already builds clang-tools-extra. Clang-tools-extra gets built when changes happen llvm or clang but new builds aren't triggered when changes are submitted to clang-tools-extra currently.