Getting Involved, Newbie needs some Instruction

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Hello clang Developers,

I have been interested in the standardisation of the upcomming C++0x for quite
some time now, and while reading up on it I discovered LLVM and CLang.
I was imediately intrigued by the project, and I'd like to get involved.

So I started reading all the Documentation (short of API-Reference) that I
could find, and think that I now have a tentative understanding how the
larger parts fit togher.

Reading the Open Projects and the C++ Status Pages I took on the first
"project" which looked managable and open, which landed me with
Pseudo Destructor calls.

The first thing I did was creating a test for the feature, so I created a file
llvm/tools/clang/test/CXX/expr/ with the following

3: int main() {
4: typedef int NonClass_type;
6: NonClass_type nc;
7: nc.~NonClass_type();
8: nc.NonClass_type::~NonClass_type();
10: NonClass_type * pNc;
11: pNc->~NonClass_type();
12: pNc->NonClass_type::~NonClass_type();
13: }

which probably contain the first mistakes along the way.
(Do I test everything relevant? Do lines 8 and 12 belong
to paragraph 1?, ... )
Anyway, having this test I can clearly see that this feature
is not yet supported, I recive the following output from
clang-cc -fsyntax-only -verify:

Errors seen but not expected:
  Line 7: expected identifier
  Line 8: member reference base type 'NonClass_type' (aka 'int') is not a
structure or union
  Line 11: expected identifier
  Line 12: member reference base type 'NonClass_type' (aka 'int') is not a
structure or union

So searching for these errors I get the source locations where they occur,
and discovered that Line 7 and 11 are not correctly parsed so I changed this
with the following patch:

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