Getting started on linux with meson


Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to ask, if it isn’t please excuse me and redirect me to the correct place :).

I have been going all over the documentation:

I am trying to achieve something fairly simple, I want to take in a string representing a POD struct, e.g. “struct MyStruct { int i; int j; float f; void* p;};”

And get it’s byte size under the current architecture.

I know how to do this using the python bindings but I need to do it on C++, my biggest hurdle (I have tried for 2 days without success) is just to integrate libclang with my project.

I use meson, normally when integrating a system library, I just have to call something like this:
vulkan = dependency('vulkan', include_type : 'system', version : '>=1.3')

To find the dependency through pkg_config. However clang doesn’t seem to ship with pkg_config files, so although I have libclang-dev installed in my Ubuntu machine, meson cannot find it.

I have tried many things for 2 days but I cannot get the #include “clang-c/Index.h” header to be accessible to my project. How do I go about integrating clang into my tool?

Thank you immensely for your patience.