Getting type from vardecl

Hello, I’m writing my first clang-tidy check. Basically I’m working on a project where I’m forced to use systems hungarian notation. I was trying to get the applicable typedef from a vardecl (e.g. uin32_t)

I’ve started off with a simple matcher:

void AfrhungarianvariablesCheck::registerMatchers(MatchFinder *Finder)
Finder->addMatcher(varDecl().bind(“var”), this);

And I’ve been poking around what it finds with things like:

auto MatchedKind = MatchedDecl->getKind();
auto MatchedType = MatchedDecl->getType();
auto MatchedTypeRef = *MatchedType;
auto MatchedTypePtr = MatchedType.getTypePtr();

It’d be nice to have something like:
switch (type_of_var){
case int8_t:
prefix = “c”;
case int16_t:
prefix = “s”;

I’m mostly from an embedded C background, so a lot of the various tools to work with clang are a bit new to me (gdb, Clang AST, C++, etc). but I think a lot of this will be very useful to me in the future.

Also, I found a sort of getting started talk for clang-tidy in the videos from code:dive (, but the camera was never pointed at the screen. Is there anything similar with better camera work?