git mirror of lld does not contain branches

Hi All,

I am currently trying to test out a few things with the 3.7branch and i noticed that lld git mirror does not contain the branches like the other repositories.

If anyone knows who I should ping to fix this please CC them.

Kind Regards

CC’ing llvm-mirror maintainer.

I believe Anton maintains the git mirror.

Yeah, it seems that the time the mirror was created there were no
release branches and therefore nothing was exported :slight_smile:

CC’ing llvm-mirror maintainer.

I don’t think the github mirror would need to change in anyway.From what i gather that is a direct mirror of

I could be wrong though, feel free to correct me if I am

Anton I assume you are the maintainer of the official git mirror :slight_smile:
Can you ping me once you add the release branches so I can confirm that the github mirror is updated accordingly

3.6 and 3.7 release branches should be there.

Perfect thanks Anton.
The github mirror also seems to have automatically updated to reflect this :slight_smile: