git running very slow

Hi All,

git is running very slow for me while cloning from

while it is reasonably fast for me cloning from

Please suggest which repo is used by most developers or what alternative I can use?

Hi Uptal,

Hello Tim,

Thank you for the information.

I am wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue? Or it is just that my institute firewall is creating the problem.

As a comparison, I just cloned and it
took 142 seconds. I'd be pretty surprised if GitHub was ever slower
than our pretty overworked server (it was 90 seconds for me).

But I wouldn't call either of those "very slow" for a project the size
of LLVM. So if you're seeing something very different, it might well
be local to your network (but who knows, really?).



I am still getting around 20KiBps. It might be a local issue. Thank you for confirming this.