git web interface

Hello Everyone

We're looking right now for web interface to git mirrors of main LLVM repo.

What should be used? Gitweb? cgit? Gitalist?
If you have some success stories to share - please let us know.

If possible, we'd prefer something perl'ish or python'ish :slight_smile:


I know nothing about gitalist, but I quite like cgit compared to
gitweb, having encountered it for a number of projects including all
of the ones (like Mesa, Xorg server and video drivers, etc) at I find e.g. much nicer to view and navigate
than I
find the information displayed in cgit to be laid out better--for
example, cgit doesn't have a set of four links "commit | commitdiff |
tree | snapshot" next to every single entry in the shortlog and so
shows more of the commit message even though it also shows the number
of files and the number of lines added/deleted for the commit (gitweb
only gives the time, author, and a shorter message snippet for the
commit). In's gitweb, clicking on the log message in the
shortlog shows the commit summary with separate links to the various
diffs and showing the summary with the full diff requires explicitly
clicking on the "commitdiff" link, whereas
includes the diff with the commit summary when you click on a commit
message in the shortlog.

Having never set up either cgit or gitweb, that's just my $0.02 based
on my limited experience with both.