GitHub Default Branch Renaming

I just wanted to send out a reminder, we are working through the long-tail of updating default branch names on all repositories in the LLVM GitHub organization. If you notice you are unable to push to a “master” branch this will mean the default branch for a given repository has been updated to now be called “main”. Please move your commit over to the main branch and try pushing again. We are hoping to have this effort wrapped up and the old “master” branches all removed by the end of this month. Any further updates on this project will be communicated here: . Thanks for your time and attention. Hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

Mike Edwards
on behalf of the LLVM Foundation

Unlike the llvm-project repository, pushed to the main branch are not
mirrored to the master branch. Could you please set in place these
being synced as well?


Also, it looks like pushes to 'main' are being reported on the
llvm-branch-commits list, which they shouldn't be.