Github "shields" on LLVM project github home page?

Hi everyone,

A little while ago, I made the observation that many open source projects on GitHub use so-called “shields” to quickly convey some key pieces of information about the project to visitors.

I’ve been thinking that, especially for newcomers to the project, there may be value in having a few such shields on the LLVM’s github page.

Below, I’ve put a number of example shields that look like they could be valuable.
We can have all of the information that the shield provides as plain text in the file. But it seems like these shields have emerged as a de-facto standard way to quickly convey some key pieces of information about an open source project.

I’m looking for thoughts, opinions, feedback on which shields, if any, would be good to have on the LLVM project’s home page on github at

1. Shields pointing to various communication channels used by the community

  • Discourse: Discourse topics
  • Discord: Discord
    (At the time of writing, this shield does not work - a setting needs to be enabled by one of the LLVM Discord admins to enable this shield to show how many people are online in our Discord space)
  • LLVM YouTube channel: YouTube Channel Views
  • Twitter: Twitter Follow

2. Shields pointing a potential new contributor to where to start

3. Shields documenting project activity/health

  • Number of contributors: Number of active contributors

Note that the Discourse system seems to cache the images of the shields, and it seems that as a result some of them may not show correctly in the Discourse post.
I’ve put the example shields above also up in the following github gist - which should show the labels correctly: · GitHub. Most of the shields are clickable.


Build bot status would be a good one. I expect a naive implementation will always be red, but perhaps that’s a good incentive… :wink:

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Probably not. It should be a landing page for people new to project. It should show the information they need to contribute or use LLVM. How to build a toolchain? How to contribute a patch? Where is discourse? …

A red Buildbot is not a good storing on the landing page.

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I think this is a fantastic idea. Python does a good job of this, but I do notice they don’t use a ton of shields (just a few per repo landing page). So I’m wondering how many we do? I can see docs/discourse/discord being the most important for newcomers and keeping things simple.