GitHub Survey Online


After a number of months in preparation and just two weeks away from
the US Dev. Meeting, where we'll hold a BoF to discuss the Git
migration, here's how you'll voice your concerns:

The survey is meant to be a channel for people and
companies/projects/universities to voice their concerns as well as
describe their workflow if anything proposed will seriously disrupt
the work of LLVM developers.

The multiple-choice questions will also be used to gauge the general
feeling of the community, but it will not be considered a vote. No
decision will be taken on those numbers alone, so please, make sure to
describe your issues on the text boxes provided.

The last thing we want is to make less people contribute to the
project. And that's one of the reasons we're proposing to move to Git,
because the majority of people already use it, here or elsewhere. It
has been pointed out that all fresh developers nowadays use Git
natively, partly because of the success of projects like GitHub.

But that means the move has to be in a way that the majority of
developers today, and future developers too, can easily work with.

Please, share the word, and let's make sure that two weeks is enough
to cover everyone in our community, so that we can have a meaningful
and trouble-free discussion at the Dev. Meeting.

Best regards,