GitHub Survey - Ready to deploy

Tanya, folks,

After extensive review on the survey, and the two proposals, the
document is online at:

and the survey is ready to deploy as soon as we get the green light.

I'd like to thank everyone that helped drive and review all the
changes, scenarios and considerations. It wasn't an easy process, but
we're almost done.

All previous responses have been wiped clean. Once I get the green
light, I'll send the link to the mailing list, and from then on, every
answer will be official.

One thing I don't know yet is how long to keep it open.

Given that we have very little time, and people will be busy with the
dev meeting, I'm inclined to keep it open during the meeting, and even
after, but only consider the answers up to one day before the BoF as
material for the BoF itself.

This will allow people to answer later, and maybe gain some residual
confirmations or blockers if the BoF discussion hasn't reached a
strong consensus.



PS: To the foundation because it's about organisation, not the content
or its review. I hope I did it right. Of course, the email about the
survey will go to llvm-dev, cfe-dev and lldb-dev with a strong warning
to not reply.