Global Instruction Selection BPF example


Porting GlobalISel to A New Target — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation recommends these slides (presented in video 2017 LLVM Developers’ Meeting: J. Bogner & A. Nandakumar & D. Sanders “Tutorial: GlobalISel ” - YouTube)

In the slides and video, BPF is taken as an example and Global Instruction Selection is explained. I tried to follow it to add Global Instruction Selection for a new Target but I am not seeing any of the functions mentioned on Slide 18 in BPF target llvm source.


I am using llvm 14 version. Which llvm version is the video referring to whose BPF Target source matches to whatever is presented?


The talk didn’t correspond to any specific released version. No BPF GlobalISel support was ever added as far as I know. In tree, only AArch64 and AMDGPU have any any substantial support.

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I see. The talk specifically mentioned BPF as being the easiest to implement as it has less lines of code.

Good to know that it was never added, otherwise, I would have been searching.