GlobalISel BoF at EuroLLVM next week.


One of the BoFs at next week’s EuroLLVM is on GlobalISel.
We’re trying to collect as many ideas, comments, suggestions and feedback on items we should discuss there upfront, to make the best possible use of the allocated BoF time next week.

We’re collecting ideas on the following etherpad, which will also be used to try and record the key discussions at the BoF itself:

At the moment, we’ve collected four areas for discussions so far, and we’re looking for further areas of discussion, or refinements, comments, etc on the areas already there. Please feel free to add your questions or comments to the etherpad, or to share your thoughts by replying to this email. The four areas collected so far are:

  1. How to enable GlobalISel by default, and what testing is needed before we can do so?
  2. GlobalISel internal design discussions.
  3. How do I port my target to GlobalISel?
  4. What is the plan for SDISel replacement?