GNU Macros

Hi list,

I was wondering if there’s any plan and/or discussions about removing by default the GNU feature-check macros definitions (like __GNUC__ & co).
I’m sorry if this has been already asked or discussed.

I understand that compatibility with GCC was an important factor of Clang adoption, and I know I can undefine those macros on the command line.
But is such a compatibility level still needed now, and should it be enabled by default?
What about a specific flag to enable the GNU macros (something like —gnu or --with-gnu-defines), so they can be turned off by default?
Or maybe simply having -std=gnu99 defining this, so we could use -std=c99 to have them turned off.

Thanks for any feedback about this,
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Many project (including system headers) check for __GNU__ for things
like "supports __attribute__", so I don't think we can drop them by
default any time soon.

Given that existing software won't change, I doubt it will ever really
make sense.