Good first issue?

Hi all, I posted in the MLIR forum ( link ) about getting started on another part of LLVM. Steve briefly introduced me to CIRCT, and I am currently reading about its role in LLVM.

I was wondering if anyone had a good beginner issue for someone brand new to CIRCT. If this is more appropriate for the discord channel, I can ask there. Thanks for your time!

What do you mean by beginner issue? Like a task you can take on?

Precisely. I know there is not much context here, so if there’s some background information or anything of that sort that I can provide, please let me know.

This would be a good place to start, which would be largely replication of many of the standard dialect operations with slightly different types for inputs and outputs:


Another good place to start is to implement some algebraic simplifications for the RTL dialect as it exists. You can see some examples on the FIRRTL dialect in lib/Dialect/FIRRTL/OpFolds.cpp. Starting by porting those over (along with testcases) would be really great.

There are some differences between the dialects: the RTL dialect has variadic operators, and doesn’t have mixed width inputs.

Sure. If I have some small questions in regards to actually coding, where is the best place to ask these? Here, on the discourse?

This is a great place. I personally don’t follow discord, but that can also be a good place to get quick feedback

Did you mean Discord @clattner?

Haha, yes, sigh sorry :slight_smile:

I meant to say I don’t follow discord. This discourse forum is a great place to ask questions, as is discord for a different audience. I’d like to see more people using the discourse forum in particular.