Google MTV summer 2015 internship involving CUDA compilers

The CUDA compiler team at Google is looking for exceptional software engineer interns for summer 2015. The successful candidate will be working on compilers, tools, performance and methodology for CUDA, all of which are based on the LLVM compiler infrastructure. The time frame for the internship is 12-14 weeks starting from May or Jun, and the internship is based in Mountain View, CA.

Potential projects:

  1. CUDA compiler optimizations

  2. correctness tools for checking CUDA programs

  3. CUDA runtime scheduling

  4. domain specific code generation from high-level primitives

  5. and more


  1. Pursing PhD in compiler/programming language

  2. Strong C++ programming skills

  3. Experience with LLVM is a big plus.

If interested, send your resume to and with your CV.